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Puheenjohtaja Johanna Osmala, puh. 050-3475064

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Dance Health Finland is a non-profit organization promoting the mental and physical well-being of Finnish dance professionals and students. It also aims at enhancing the professional knowledge of Finnish health professionals working in the dance field. Dance Health Finland was founded in 2000 and works in affiliation with the Finnish Dance Artists Union.

Dance Health Finland furthers its cause by arranging several annual seminars that focus on issues related to injury prevention and body conditioning as well as present resent research findings of the domain of healthcare and medicine which are affiliated with the practices of dance. Four times a year it publishes a newsletter which discusses issues related to dancing and health and informs members of the current events of Dance Health Finland and other organization working with dance medicine.

The funding of Dance Health Finland is mainly raised through member and seminar fees as well as grants from organization that support dance. At the moment Dance Health Finland has over 200 members.

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