Dance For Life Gala

14th of November 2021 at 3 p.m. | Aleksanterin teatteri 

Illustration: Tuuli Pursiainen

Dance For Life celebrates the spectrum of life, creative power and dance which belongs to all of us. The gala serves also as a celebration for the 20th anniversary of the Dance Health Finland organization.

Dance as a medium challenges what we know. As a mode of thought and action, it can offer us new ways of being in the world. Dance For Life presents the diversity of art forms, visions and people.

Among the stunning performances are one of Europe´s most known contemporary dance group Tero Saarinen Company with a duet Splice, Kinetic Orchestra with an energetic group piece Wildlife, Dans för Parkinson group from Stockholm, Riia Kivimäki & Saku Mäkelä with their beautiful acrobatic duet Don't Fear the Reaper, a duet by Minna Tervamäki & Anni Jokimies, and dancers from the Ballet School of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet.

Sun the 14th of November 2021 at 3 p.m. | Aleksanterin Teatteri

Duration: 90 min, no intermission

Location: Bulevardi 23-27, 00180 Helsinki.

Accessibility: For wheelchair access to the main stage, please notify the theatre in advance (tel. (09) 676 980). Wheelchairs which are maximum 74 cm in width fits.


45€ normal / 35€ DHF members, students, retirees, unemployed and the participants of the seminar 20 Years of Dance Medicine in Finland .


Production: Dance Health Finland Ry, Art Fysio Oy.

Illustration: Tuuli Pursiainen



We warmly welcome you to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dance Health Finland along with us!

Tero Saarinen Company: Splice. Dancers: Natasha Lommi & Pekka Louhio. Picture: Kai Kuusisto

Minna Tervamäki: Serenade for two women. Tanssijat: Minna Tervamäki & Anni Jokimies. Kuva: Minna Hatinen

Dans för Parkinsson Compani Parkinsson. Picture: Snezana Vucetic Bohm

Kinetic Orchestra: Wildlife. Dancers in the picture: Jarkko Mandelin & Lyyli Mandelin. Picture: Mikael Ahlfors

Risa Company (Riia Kivimäki & Saku Mäkelä): Don't fear the reaper. Picture: Marko Mäkinen